Dove Insurance Brokers Limited is a leading Insurance Broking firm transacting business as Brokers, Risk Management Consultants, Life and Pensions, Health Insurance Consultants and Claim Service Experts. The company was originally incorporated as A and O Insurance Brokers Limited on 26, November 2002 and later acquired by new investors and re-registered as Dove Insurance Brokers Limited in July 2005 as a limited liability company to carry on the business of insurance broking. Following the re acquisition in July 2013 of Dove Insurance Brokers Nigeria Limited, the new management has redesigned and restructure the company to meet the needs of customers through delivering the appropriate products and professional services We have experienced tremendous growth in our client base on account of our unique way of deploying cutting edge solutions to corporates and individuals. We utilize our experience, expertise, and skills in the Insurance Broking industry to help our client’s lower costs by leveraging latest technology. Our personnel hold high academic and technical certifications and have extensive experiences covering all aspects of the insurance business. Our services, which are at NO COST to yourselves, ensure the best of rates and terms are obtained on your behalf from Insurance companies. In addition, we are positively disposed towards packaging tailor-made solutions to suit your operations. Our role as Brokers also ensure that Insurers, as a matter of obligation, pay your claims equitably and promptly.


We offer professional service in the field of risk management. We have demonstrated to the benefit of our industrial, individual and governmental clients, our knowledge of insurance and risks in various trades, our capacity to operate efficiently with unlimited access to the global insurance market.

Our appointment will ensure:
  • You get all the appropriate discounts, waivers on your policies.
  • All the terms, clauses, conditions and exceptions in your policies are the most appropriate for your operations.
  • You get the best Risk Management and Loss-Prevention advices
  • You are familiar with all the legal provisions in Insurance as they may affect your operations and your staff.
  • You have a holistic Insurance package that ends up reducing your total insurance expenses.


Our vision is to be among the leading and most admired insurance brokerage firm in Nigeria and Africa.


To develop, market and administer customized insurance products and specialty market solutions for individuals and corporate clients, with the use of information technology, strategic partnerships combined with our technical expertise."