This cover the contents against loss of or damage caused by theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry into or exit from the premises. Properties to be insured are plants, machinery and contents, of which you are expected to provide us with the inventories.

Events Insured Against
1) Any of the property described in the schedule, whilst contained in the premises described in the schedule and situate as stated therein (which premises shall not include any garden verandah yard out-building or other building not connected with or communicating with the main building) shall be lost by theft consequent upon forcible and violent entry of the premises containing the said property or

2) A) the premises or
B) the property Shall as the result of actual forcible and violent entry of the premises (or attempt thereat) with intent to commit theft suffer damage…. The company shall indemnify the insured in respect of:
1) Property stolen
2) Damage to
a) premises) such sum as to make good the damage
b) property) falling to be borne by the insured.

a) This policy does not cover loss, destruction or damage where any inmate or member of the insured’s household or his business staff are concerned as principal or accessory or loss damage due to the willful act or with the connivance of the insured.
b) To deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, money or securities for money, dividend warrants, postal orders, cheques, postage or bill or other stamps share and stock certificates or other documents or business books, plan, drawings, pattern design, moulds models, precious stones, platinum gold or silver articles, bullion coins, medals, stamp collections, cups, trophies, curiosities, sculptures, manuscripts, or rare books or works of art unless the same is specially insured thereunder;
c) Which can be insured, against by a fire or glass insurance policy;
d) Riot, strike, civil commotion – war and similar risks – flood – and other convulsion of nature;
e) Occurring while the premises are left without an inhabitant or caretaker actually in them for a continuous period exceeding four consecutive days and nights or ten days and nights in any one year of insurance unless such further non-occupancy be previously notified to the company and covered by the payment to and acceptance by the company of an extra premium. For the purpose of this exception “night” means the period between closing time and the usual hour for re-opening the following day. Sundays and holidays are to be reckoned as “days”;
f) Nuclear exclusion – Nuclear fuel;
g) Nuclear exclusion – Nuclear weapons material;
h) Due to larceny;
i) If the insured without the consent of the company in writing shall make or permit to be made any alterations to the premises or change or relax any of the safeguards for securing the premises;

Comments on the exclusions:
a) We provide cover against theft and this clause protects the company against the dishonesty of the insured, his family or employees. The insured could obtain fidelity guarantee insurance for his employee.
b) This clause excludes items which could be:
1) Extremely attractive to thieves – gold, jewelry etc.
2) Difficult or impossible to assess the true value after loss had occurred – manuscripts, plans, moulds, etc.
3) Possible to insure under a separate policy – money insurance.
But all this items could be insured under a burglary policy provided the insured gives full details and the company accepted the risk. Refer any such request to the head office.
c) Although the policy covers the property damage following burglary, if there is damage by fire or breakage of glass the burglary policy would not pay any claim.
d) Normal exclusion is self-explanatory. See policy for full exclusion wording. Although we are occasionally requested to extend a policy to cover riot and strike, this is a risk more properly insured under a fire policy and we would not wish to include cover for any of these excluded perils.
e) Limit the time the premises can be unoccupied to 4 days and nights at any time. Any longer period of unoccupancy would be regarded as unduly hazardous and additional premium to cover greater unoccupancy should need to be paid, if this was acceptable to the company.
f) And
g) no comment.
h) Burglary and housebreaking policies require “forcible and violent entry “and these words thereby exclude larceny cover.
i) Any alteration to the premises or change or relax any of the safeguards for securing the premises will increase the company’s exposure.