Insurance has many forms and functions but really just for one purpose to ‘’Provide Peace Of Mind’’.
Reasons to Insure:Reduce worry,help to prevent loss and to free up capital because insurance protects your assets in case of future losses.This security applies to individual and businesses.

Insurance Brokers are business people whose success rest on your satisfaction through the coverage,price and service.It is in their interest to understand your needs and negotiate on your behalf for competitive premium even when it means approaching several companies to find the right solutions.Because your broker does not work for insurance company.He or she can also assist you with objectives advise if you have to make a claim.

By allowing you broker to prepare an insurance programme that fits your insurance needs.

Excess is the first portion of each and every claim borne by the insured.

To avoid insurers pay for petty damages,losses like dents,scratches,loss of mirrors etc.For example on vehicles and also to make you participate in claim settlements so that incident of claims are minimized in the future.

There are many discounts that can be applied to your insurance.Talk to the broker to make sure you are receiving all discounts you are eligible for.Additionally,you can decrease your premium by increasing your deductibles.Make certain that you are prepared to pay that decreased deductible in the event of a loss.

By a cancellation notice in writing from either party and a refund of premium where necessary.

No you cannot get a refund because you will have enjoyed policy protection for the whole insurance period.